The Best Drywall Repair in Orange County

Hire The Best Drywall Repair in Orange County

Searching for the best drywall repair in Orange County? Search no longer. The Wall Doctor has over 30 years of experience as an interior drywall specialist, repairing every type of ceiling and wall problem. Some of the most frequent causes of damage include:

  • Water damage
  • Covering removal (including wallpaper or paneling)
  • Improper installation
  • Holes left by an electrician or contractor in the wall or ceiling after a repair

The Challenge Of Drywall Repair

Drywall repair job in Lake Forest, CA

Drywall repair might look easier than it is. The truth is it takes years of experience to fix damage without anyone being able to tell a repair has ever been made. New panels must be properly installed so the space between the two will not be apparent. Cutting is another skill necessary to provide clean lines and corners. Sanding must be completed to smooth the porous surface. Furthermore the correct thickness of the new panel must match those currently in place. After all preliminary steps are finished enough coats of the correct type of paint will complete restoration to a new looking appearance. Save yourself the trouble of trial and error by hiring a seasoned professional. A technician who has mastered their craft can make drywall repair look easy.

Choose The Wall Doctor To Repair Drywall Right The First Time
Photo of drywall being repaired in an Orange County, CA home

The Wall Doctor Has over 30 years experience, serving Riverside and Orange County since 1983. We can completely revitalize the inside of your home or business to look just like new. Quality control is paramount. To ensure the absolute highest-level craftsmanship and customer satisfaction we use the best material and paint for an extra charge above your initial quote. CALL 949.472.0737 or 714.681.5364 to contact our Lake Forest, California office for a FREE Initial Consultation and Quote.