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Plaster repair Orange County The Importance of Keeping Your Wall Plaster in Top Shape
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So how long have you been looking at that hole in your wall?  Maybe it doesn’t show because it’s behind your T.V. or even in your closet.  Or maybe it does show and causes low level stress every time you look at it and think “I’ve got to get that repaired.”  Well showing or not, did you know that contaminants and varmints can come in through those holes and may be causing you to get sick?  The solution…put it at the top of your “To Do List”, and JUST DO IT!!!  Below are step by step instructions on how to do it yourself, but if you don’t have the time or the desire, and you are located in Orange County, Chino or the Chino Hills area, you can call on the Wall Doctor to do it for you. For a free estimate call 714.681.5364.


How to repair plasterAlways ensure proper safety equipment is used before any of the preparation begins. Make sure the work area is well ventilated, illuminated, and free from hazards. Remove all the old, loose plaster. When working directly on a flat surface, use a cold chisel to rake out the joints to a depth of a quarter inch so that the plaster can form “keys” in the joints, which adds strength to the new surface. Replace damp or molding wallboard that is sagging. If necessary, add wooden nailing surfaces at the edge of the wallboard patch to be certain it remains flat and stable.

REINFORCEMENThow to repair plaster orange county

At the joint between the existing wall and the new patch, apply self- adhesive fiberglass mesh tape. This will help bond the old and new together. For large holes, you may wish to use a sheet of aluminum or galvanized screening.

PLASTER APPLICATIONPlaster Repair Orange County

Most commercial patching plasters require a thorough wetting of the surrounding plaster work, though some do not (read and follow the instructions to be sure). If you are patching a larger void, a two-coat approach is best. Fill the edges of the hole with plaster, covering the tape/ screening. Use a small filler knife, and bring the plaster just short of the surrounding finish plaster. Let the newly applied patch set overnight. Some shrinkage and cracking is likely, especially with large patches. After the plaster has set thoroughly, apply a second coat, using a wider knife, preferably one wide enough to sweep over the entire length of the patch.

The Wall Doctor

The Wall Doctor is a family owned drywall and plaster company, serving all of Orange County and the Chino Hills area since 1983. They specialize in interior drywall and plaster repairs which need to be done due to water damage, or if your plumber, electrician, or other contractor has left behind holes in your walls and ceilings after a remodel or repair. They can also patch, repair and match existing ceiling and wall textures, and no job is too small.  Their goal is to provide quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. And they offer a 100% one-year guarantee on all our work. Call for a free initial consultation and quote – 714.681.5364.

Plaster Repair Orange County