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Let’s face it, if you’re reading this, you are probably in the midst of one of the following unfortunate situations and are searching for the best drywall repair company Chino and Chino Hills has to offer. The Wall Doctor has over 30-years of fixing walls and ceilings. And is known as one of Orange County’s premier interior drywall specialists.


Common Reasons To Use A Drywall Repair Company

  • Damage done to your walls and ceilings due to water leaks or pipe bursts.
  • Repair damage done to walls and ceilings due to wall-covering removal.
  • You didn’t call the Wall Dr. first, and now you need us to repair the other company’s work.
  • Also if your plumber, electrician, or other contractor has left behind holes in your walls and ceilings after a remodel or repair, give the Wall Doctor a call. He will come out and quickly rectify the problem.

Drywall Ceiling Repair job in progress by the Wall Doctor in Orange County, California

While you may think you can undergo this project yourself, drywall repair looks easier than it really is. The truth is that it takes years of hands-on experience to learn how to fix drywall damage properly. And when we are done, it will look just like new.

What’s Involved In Drywall And Drywall Ceiling Repair

• New drywall panels must be properly sized
• New drywall panels must be property cut – Cutting is another skill necessary to provide clean lines and corners
• New drywall panels must be properly sanded – Sanding must be completed to smooth the porous surface

Furthermore the correct thickness of the new panel must match those currently in place. And after all the preliminary drywall repair steps are finished…enough coats of the correct type of paint will complete the job. Your walls and ceilings will be brought back to life, newer and better than ever!

Drywall Repair Orange County

Save yourself the time, trouble, and expense of trial and error and hire a seasoned professional, such as The Wall Doctor. They will fast become your favorite drywall repair company in Orange County and the Chino Hills area. All of The Wall Doctor’s experienced technicians have mastered their craft. You can rest assured you will be happy with your drywall and ceiling drywall repair “first time – every time!”

Choose The Wall Doctor To Repair Your Drywall Right The First Time

The Wall Doctor is a family owned drywall and plaster company, serving all of Orange County and the Chino Hills area since 1983. They will professionally and cost-efficiently attend to all of your drywall and plaster repair needs. They specialize in interior drywall and plaster repairs which need to be done due to water damage, or if your plumber, electrician, or other contractor has left behind holes in your walls and ceilings after a remodel or repair. They can also patch, repair and match existing ceiling and wall textures, and no job is too small. Their goal is to provide quality workmanship, and excellent customer service. And, they offer a 100% one-year guarantee on all work. Call for a free initial consultation and quote Orange County: 714.681.5364 or 714.681.5374 – Chino: 909.270.7122.